Why You Should Keep Succulents in Your Home

Have you heard the craze about succulents? What is that all about? I did some research to find out for myself.  I am definitely not a person with a green thumb so I tend to shy away from buying plants for the inside of our home. I do love the way they make me feel when I visit other people’s homes.  If only there was a low maintenance way to bring nature into my home without me killing it. Well apparently there is – succulents!  

Succulents symbolize enduring and timeless love. You can get creative on how you plant your succulents–the sky is the limit.  You can plant them in all kinds of creative pots such as teacups, fancy bowls, mason jars, cups, tin buckets, the list goes on and on!  The plants come in such a wide variety of shapes & sizes that you can literally show your personality off to anyone that visits your home! They are awesome design choices because of the versatility and they create a great conversational piece. The best part is you can use their clippings to grow more succulents! Yes you heard me—you can get a second chance with them (just in case)! 

Succulents store water in their thick leaves and stems.  It is very important to not overwater your succulents. A rule of thumb is to water them once per week until the soil is wet to touch but not soaked—I think I can handle that!  My downfall is I forget to water plants. With succulents being drought resistant, these are up my alley! If you go to Town & Country Hardware in Wake Forest, you can buy a soil mix that is perfect for your succulents to thrive in for only $7. Putting some crushed seashells in the bottom of your pot will help ensure the roots systems do not stay wet for too long and rot.  You want to make sure your succulents are getting bright, filtered light. A south facing window is also an ideal spot to place them. You are probably wondering where can I purchase succulents? You can buy them in Wake Forest at Home Depot, Lowes, gardening centers, and I even saw them at Lidl’s Grocery Store!

5 Benefits of Succulents

  1. Brighten your home with their colors and energy
  2. Purify the air—converts contaminates in the air into plant food, therefore purifying the air in your home. 
  3. Improves the humidity in your home since plants release water.
  4. Adds Fresh Oxygen to the air!  Unlike most plants, succulents do not release carbon dioxide at night. Instead, they continue to produce oxygen. This continuous release of oxygen freshens the air in your house and improves your breathing.
  5. They can improve your focus! Regular exposure to nature – even in the form of houseplants – can help people of all ages focus better.

So now that you have learned a little about succulents, does it make you intrigued? I encourage you to give them a try and add a touch of style to your Wake Forest home.

Keri Nelson
Client Care Specialist

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