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When I moved to Wake Forest in 2002 it was a lot different. Yes, that is now in the running for the biggest understatement of 2019! LOL How different? Well, there was no overpass by Chick-fil-a. That was flat. Very flat. There wasn’t even a traffic signal there then. Just a turn. For that matter the Target had just opened, where the Walgreens is now was a hardware store! Home Depot was sparkling brand new. There wasn’t a light between S. Main and where Lowe’s Foods is. Oh, that was new too! Most of those out parcels did not exist yet. Over The Falls was still upstairs at the Cotton Company. Where Bodega is today…that was a restaurant named Four Seasons. Birkenstocks in downtown was the place to be. Heritage had about 200 homes at that point…just getting started! There were very places to grab a cold beer….the horror!!! LOL There just wasn’t much going on.

Town of Wake Forest
Town of Wake Forest

There was no bowling alley, no breweries, few restaurants, no traffic (but remember it was boring), no downtown scene, no Joyner Park, no Coffee Talk With Kima, no Wake Forest Coffee Company, no dog park, yawn….I could go on. Of course back then the school was known as Wake Forest-Rolesville High. Both Heritage and Wakefield were brand new!! 540 had just opened. Jennifer and I used to talk about how it felt like a private highway just for us as there rarely was traffic on 540!!

Today, as you know, so many of the the things I mentioned above have changed. Wake Forest residents are so fortunate to have nearly everything they need now. From small mom and pop shops and locally owned businesses to many big box stores including Wal*Mart, Sam’s Club, Super Target etc. Downtown is thriving and home to places like B&W Hardware, The Cotton Company, Sugar Magnolia Cafe, Wake Forest Coffee Company and more…

Village Deli & Gonza
Village Deli & Gonza

Restaurants? Well, that has changed a lot as well. Very few choices back in the early part of the century. Today, the greater Wake Forest restaurant scene continues to get better. Sandwiches at Village Deli, fresh foods from the farm at Farm Table, eclectic foods at Bu Ku, wings at Gatehouse Tavern or Real McCoys, etc. Wake Forest offers Thai, Mediterranean, Asian, Steakhouses, Pubs, Deli’s, Ice Cream shops, Coffee Shops (love Stewarts!), Breakfast places, Mexican food, Italian, and wonderful seafood at places like Shuckers and Backfins Crabhouse. If you want it…..well, you know the rest.


# Every single Monday Night. Kiwanis BINGO! Wake Forest Kiwanis Club hosts this affordable night out for families of all ages in the Mill Room from 7:00 to 9:30 PM. Come early though to get a good seat. Bring a friend. All profits are used to benefit children in need! Go to www.wakeforestbingo.com for more information.

# Wake Forest Farmers Market will be open this coming weekend from 8 til noon in downtown Wake Forest. What a special treat to pick up fresh herbs, vegetables, breads, pastries, coffee art work etc… Find a way to get there.

# Love Tribe. What? Yep, Love Tribe. That’s the name of the headliner band for Friday Night on White! What is that you may ask? Get there. Go to this monthly event. You see the streets in downtown Wake Forest are blocked off, bands come, food trucks are there, all of our cool shops are open. Yeah, it’s how we show off in Wake Forest. Bring a chair or a blanket as we set up in the streets, we dance, we sing, we eat, we mingle. Will I see you there? The next one is June 14. Come on….it’s fun and like so many of the events in Wake Forest…it is family friendly.

Were you there?

Were you at the May 5 event that rocked Wake Forest (in a good way)? Meet In The Streets is what I am talking about. If you were there…tell us about it. Did you enjoy it? What did you buy? What was your favorite part?

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