Wake Forest Storm Drains Are Disappearing?

Be sure to hold onto your children, your steering wheels and your hats!  Why?  Because all three could be in the bottom of a storm drain in Wake Forest if you don’t!

BREAKING NEWS::::  (I always envision the sound of the “breaking news” from CBS when I type that)….

Wake Forest Police say thieves are responsible for stealing as many as 16 storm drain grates this weekend in the St. Andrews Plantation, Stonegate and Caveness Farms subdivisions.

The grates, which weigh over 100 pounds each, cover drains that often have a drop of more than 10 feet. When a drain cover is stolen it leaves a hole that would be easy for children, animals or even grown adults to fall in. Officials are also concerned that motorists pulling over could damage their vehicles by driving into an uncovered storm drain.

Although the storm drains only fetch $15 – $20 when sold for scrap metal, replacing the grates costs the town hundreds of dollars each.

Crews are using cones to identify the open storm drains out of concern for public safety and will replace the missing grates as fast as possible. In the meantime, residents are urged not to move or disturb the cones.

This report, taken from the Wake Forest E-Alert.

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