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The Numbers Behind the Growth.

Wake Forest Economic Development

Want to know more about Wake Forest? Want to know the facts about how fast it has grown? Want to know why others are flocking here? Want to know what the projected population will be in Wake Forest in a short 25 years? Well….do ya? The numbers are more staggering to long time residents than they are to those that moved to Wake Forest in say the past 10 years. Those that just got here have always known Wake Forest as a place of commerce and growth. Those that have been here since the 1980s often cannot believe what has happened to their sleepy little town.

Let’s start there. Do you have any idea what the populations was in 1980? It was around 4000 people. Four thousand folks. Today, beautiful Wake Forest is at 45,000! Wow!!! By 1990, Wake Forest had grown by 37% to approximately 5500 people. Incredible growth right? But still….just 5500. Yawn. Let’s buckle up….things were about to change. Would you believe me if I told you that quiet old Wake Forest experienced 159% growth in the next 10 years? Fourteen thousand two hundred people called Wake Forest home by the year 2000. We got to Wake Forest around this time. It was quiet. It was quaint. It was small. It was BORING!!! More growth came in the form of over 100% growth in the next 10 years. The town had reached 31,000 by 2010. As we approach the end of yet another decade, today Wake Forest proudly supports 45,000 residents. Projections are that 74,000 people will call Wake Forest home by 2045.


Has the growth caused problems in terms of traffic and some stress on our schools etc? Sure. But for the very same reason that you moved here, many others desire to do the same thing. The nightlife, the restaurants, the coffee shops, the parks, the trails, the lake, the culture, the festivals, etc are all a part of the lifestyle that has attracted so many. While Wake Forest

  • The town of Wake Forest is 18.4 miles from downtown Raleigh.
  • It sits 22 miles from the wonderful RDU Airport
  • 50+ miles of greenway trails
  • 550 acres of parks and open space
  • 50+ Outdoor events per year and growing!
  • 3 Top Universities within 30 minutes
  • 54% of population has a bachelors degree or higher
  • 220 Sunny days per year
  • 9th Fastest growing municipality in North Carolina!

Let’s face it, Wake Forest has done just fine! With the Southeast Baptist Seminary being a friendly neighbor and a vibrant downtown along with a retail corridor featuring big box and convenience shopping…it’s quite the place. Once a town that was hard to find a beer in now features a wonderful brewery and 2 more coming!

A staggering $72,183,799 has been spent on greenways, trails, roads, and sidewalks in the last five years. If you drive the roads in Wake Forest you may hear some complaining about traffic but rarely do you hear a complaint about condition!

A friendly place for businesses as the tax rate is lowest in the entire southeast and the workforce is educated and able! The often publicized, Wireless Research Center is responsible for 20+ start ups and continues to grow and be a resource!

The Wake Forest Chamber is an award winning chamber that truly supports the community of business leaders. The business community growth is directly related to the growth is residential development.

  • 775 Residential Permits Issued in 2018.
  • Year Permits Issued
  • 2017 817
  • 2016 823
  • 2015 754
  • 2014 548
  • 2013 728
  • 2012 736
  • 2011 364
  • 2010 394
Website_Residential Permits Chart.jpg
Residential Permits Issued

Income has continued to increase nationally of course, but not at the rate that Wake Forest has seen!

  • 2000 Average Household Income was $52,000
  • 2010 Average Household Income was $69,000
  • 2019 Average Household Income is $85,000

Wake Forest residents may complain a little on occasion but the numbers show that most are staying! For many of the reasons above but also for the same reasons we love it here. Here are just a few…

  • You can be involved and be recognized OR you can remain anonymous among 45,000 people.
  • So many cool locally owned stores and restaurants
  • We love the schools that our children have attended
  • The Parks and Rec department provide so many opportunities
  • Our children love it here
  • We feel very safe here
  • The opportunity to be involved in sports, academics etc and the leadership within those arenas is so readily available
  • The weather!!! Although it is just too hot this week
  • Our town leaders. While they have to take a lot of criticism, they care. We know each of them and they truly care about this town.
  • Access to Raleigh and Durham is eeeeasy!
  • The People.

BIG City Energy. Small town charm.

Town of Wake Forest

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