Understanding the Year Round Calendar

If you live in the Raleigh / Wake County area and have school age children, then you are probably somewhat familiar with the term Year Round Schools even if you don’t completely understand how it works.  You may be asking why the school system has the year round calendar option for some of its elementary and middle schools. The quick answer is simple……year round calendars reduce class size and overcrowding.  

The Year Round Calendar works like this………

Schools on the YRC have students broken up into 4 groups called tracks.  Each track follows a different schedule. At the beginning of the school year (2nd week of July), tracks 1-3 begin while track 4 will continue to be on break for 3 more weeks.  After those 3 weeks, track 4 students begin and Track 3 students go out for 3 weeks (approximately). Every 3 weeks, a track comes back to school and another “tracks out”. There is always 1 group out and 3 in.  They still go 180 days for the year, they all are out of school for approx. 12 weeks during the year along with additional days off for holidays (Christmas, Thanksgiving, 4th of July,….).  

Teachers that teach on the YRC really like it because about the time they need a break or the kids seem to start losing focus and need a break, a “track out” is not too far away and they get that 3 weeks off.  Camps and Daycares in the area are set up for students on this calendar so no worries when “track out” occurs for students with working parents. Your kids go and do the same things as they would if they had 10 weeks in the summer.  Research also shows that kids on a Year Round Calendar also have higher retention rates of materials learned in previous school sessions than those kids coming back to school after a long summer off. As a former teacher on a traditional calendar, I spent the first 2 weeks of the school year just reviewing and getting students back up to speed.  With this loss of time toward progress, I would often chase that moving progress target the remainder of the semester.

My children were on the YRC when they were in elementary school and they loved it.  We were able to take advantage of the breaks by taking small trips as a family several times a year instead of waiting for the summer and trying to cram it all into one block of time. My wife was fortunate enough to stay home with the children and found the breaks just long enough to enjoy but not burdensome in “keeping the kids busy”.  As she put it, “I can manage activities for 2-3 weeks with a day or 2 at home much better than I can for 2.5 months.” My kids looked forward to the “track out” and about the time “track out” was over, they were ready to get back to school.  

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