Tips to Sell Your Home Quickly for Top Dollar

If you are wanting to sell your home in Wake Forest anytime soon, there are some things you should consider to prepare it for the market.  It is absolutely, without a doubt, vital to prep your home correctly or you will miss out on serious buyers ready to write an offer in the first couple weeks.

 Once your home sits on the market too long, potential buyers often wonder if there is something wrong with it or think, “Hey we can get a deal on this one–they have to be desperate.” We know you never want to be in the latter position.

To avoid this scenario, here are my top 7 tips to getting your home show ready and sold quickly:

1. Declutter & Organize
Rent a storage unit or pod, have a garage sale, donate, take items to consignment  that no longer serve you. Maria Kondo asks, “Does it spark the feeling of joy?” This question helps when you are teeter tottering on what to get rid of.  Potential buyers appreciate a decluttered home. Knowing there is a place for things give us a sense of peace–make sure you are cognizant of what message you are sending to people walking through your home. You want to give the impression your home has enough space.

2. Furniture
If you have old & dated furniture, consider putting a neutral slip cover on it with some fun pillows.  Neutral tones are best with pops of color when it comes to bedding, sofas, etc. If there is too much furniture in the room put some of it in storage to create a more open feel.  Bulky furniture is unattractive and shrinks the space–move it into storage temporarily if necessary.

3. Paint
Consider painting your walls a neutral color – gray and greige are in right now! Some potential buyers have a hard time seeing past bright colors on the walls, so keep it clean and simple if you’re repainting. Check out some great tips about cool gray paint colors and neutral beige/greige colors.

4.  Odors 
This is one of the top complaints of many potential buyers when they enter a home for the first time!  What do we all do when something smells really bad? We turn up our noses and immediately come to conclusions in our head on how that smell came about 🙂  No one wants a prospective buyer to walk in to their home and say, “Wow this house smells bad–let’s go!” To help avoid this from happening in your home, be proactive. Have professionals in to deep clean your home before it goes on the market (we have some great cleaners to recommend!). Repainting the walls will help with some odors, depending on the source. Do not cook potent smelling meals before showings. Refrain from using deodorizers such as Glade plug ins or Febreze to cover up odors–it is obvious 🙂 Using a diffuser with citrus essential oils is a great idea. Fresh flowers on the kitchen table and freshly baked cookies add a nice scent to the air. If you have pets, put their supplies/food in the garage to eliminate the pet smells. Buyers purchase a home based on emotion—if the odor in your home has them running, that does not leave a good impression.

5. Exterior
Power wash your house, patio/deck, sidewalks, etc. The exterior is the buyer’s first impression when they pull up to your house. Plant some colorful flowers (yellow is a great color!), make sure grass is trimmed, no yard clutter/excessive decorations, lay some fresh mulch, trim bushes, pull the weeds, paint your mailbox/front door/shutters, put down a new welcome mat, & make sure your exterior light bulbs are all working.

6.  Repairs
If you notice things broken around the home that you know will show up on an inspection report, try to fix them to eliminate buyers saying the home needs too much work – even if they are mostly cosmetic.  Some examples of repairs worth making before going on the market are caulking, wood rot repairs, damaged floors, doors not latching, missing/damaged shingles, fireplace not working, siding with cracks/holes, leaking faucets, etc.

7. Pricing
Last but not least, price your home correctly from the beginning.  Overpricing your home will hurt you, leaving many missed opportunities for offers.  Your best chance of getting an offer are in the first few weeks–don’t set yourself up for disappointment.  If the comparable homes in your neighborhood do not justify the price you want to list at, listen to your agent—they know the market and want to make sure that you are pricing to be IN the market and not ON the market.  Pricing your home right from the get go will save you the headache and stress of no offers and limited showings. Trust the professionals–that is what we are there for.

If you follow these simple tips, you will be delighted with the results.  You will shine amongst the competition at your price point and will have a great selling experience.

Keri Nelson
Client Care Specialist

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