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DIRT DAY – Wake Forest, NC

Want to get dirty Wake Forest? The Forest of Wake is asking you to continue the beautification of the wonderful town. Wake Forest Urban Forestry Board is offering the residents a reason to come out to Dirt Day this season….you see, as part of “Get Up, Get Out and Get Dirty” the board is offering […]

Wake Forest Gyms & Wellness Clubs

Are you looking to get back into a gym routine or for a workout buddy? Gyms and wellness clubs are popping up everywhere in Wake Forest as well as surrounding areas. These are great opportunities to get fit and find a workout buddy. Granite Falls is a gym that offers something for everyone. If you […]

Coffee in Wake Forest

Who doesn’t love coffee?! Ok, I know there are quite a few people who don’t but for those who do this post is for you! I LOVE coffee, although I can only drink it before 1 PM otherwise I won’t sleep that night. But when I do want coffee I make a point to grab […]