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Halloween Tips & Tricks!

Halloween is here! The fun and excitement of all the children (young and not so young) going door to door for candy and going to all the exciting outside activities it is important to ensure that everyone is safe!! The Town of Wake Forest encourages families to enjoy this time and go door-to-door in costumes […]

List of Wake Forest Open Houses

With temps in the high 80s, it’s a great weekend for house hunting in Wake Forest! The end of summer is quickly approaching and now is the perfect time to “fall” into your next home.  Attending an open house is an excellent way to learn about the real estate market without committing.  For those who […]

Check Your Pantries!

Tri-Area Ministry Food Pantry Is In Need Folks, The Tri-Area Ministry Food Pantry in Wake Forest needs your help NOW! The shelves are empty and they cannot wait until the weekend. We are all familiar with the food drives during the holidays. That is when the pantries are full. It’s during times like mid August […]

Heritage Also Getting a Sheetz!

Sheetz has chosen Heritage Wake Forest! Heritage Wake Forest continues to sell homes.  Because of this they continue to bring in more retail business as well.  In addition to the McDonalds that is coming to Forestville Rd., the corner of Rogers Rd. and Franklin Street will soon see a new Sheetz gas station!  OK, I […]

Wake Forest Residents…by the numbers

So you want to move to Wake Forest?  Certainly we understand why.  As Wake Forest Residents already we love living here.  The reasons are endless.  Great weather, incredible rolling hills and topography, friendliest people, incredible downtown, well maintained homes and neighborhoods, many choices in terms of places to worship. property values are super, low taxes, […]

French Press Coffee…

OK, so a few years ago I bought a really nice french press. At the time I was drinking coffee with cream & sugar in it daily. No….all day, daily. You see, part my family is from Germany. When I grew up in my earliest years in Neunkirchen Germany I remember having coffee brewing all […]