Sweet Traditions Bakery – The Sweetest Shop in Wake Forest

The pink cardboard box. My husband knows the box. My kids know the box. Of course I’m talking about the box that all cupcakes from Sweet Traditions bakery are packaged in.

Sweet Traditions is a bakery in Wake Forest, NC. While wedding cakes and event cakes are a major staple for the business, many Triangle area residents flock to the store daily for the delicious cupcakes that are made fresh each day (You can find their daily flavors each morning on their Facebook page! ). Some awesome newer additions are cookies, edible cookie dough (yep – you read that right!) doughnuts, ice cream, and more!

I asked LeAne about where this business started and she explained that it all began in 2012 ago when her husband’s salary was cut in half around his 40th birthday. In true “when it rains it pours” form, that was in November, right before Thanksgiving and Christmas. Her family had to figure out a way to bring in some additional income, and baking cakes for the upcoming holidays just made sense – her grandmother, from Farmville, NC was always called “The Cake Lady” after all.

LeAne’s mom came to the rescue to help her compile all her grandmother’s recipes, and she started baking from her home. After a few months they saw that the business was lucrative and enjoyable, and she and her family haven’t looked back since. In fact, while LeAne has created many new flavors, she has stayed true to her roots, and still uses her Granny’s base (I bet that’s why everything is so delicious!).

Speaking of family, Sweet Traditions is a true family owned and run business, not a chain or franchise. LeAne, her husband Rowland, and their two children, all are involved. Her daughter, at 13, can run the front of the shop like nobody’s business, and her son, 9, can frequently be found manning the “mobile sweetness camper”, lovingly named Belle, at local events with his dad. LeAne mentioned to me how physically demanding the work in the back of the shop is, between all the mixing, lifting, rolling fondant, etc. so she aims to keep them out of the back of the shop a while longer.

Her employees are also much like family, all putting in hard work, and committed to caring for the customers who come in to support the shop. Knowing these things about this amazing local business just makes me want to frequent it more often, and I hope local residents feel the same.

LeAne says her favorite things to make are her cinnamon rolls, especially watching them rise, and decorated cookies. She says the intricate designs on many of the decorated cookies give her some stress relief (can’t we all watch those videos for hours?!) My personal favorites are their cheesecake cupcakes and traditional cupcakes. Try the Banana Pudding and Neapolitan flavors the next time they come around!

Aside from making amazing treats, Sweet Traditions is committed to giving back. A major cause they stand behind is Backpack Buddies which they have supported many times in the past. LeAne mentioned another drive will be coming around again in October as a 4 year storefront birthday celebration, so keep your eyes peeled for info on that on their Facebook page.

Sweet Traditions store front is located at 12516 Capital Blvd. Suite 106 right in the heart of Wake Forest. They are currently open every day except Sunday (time for family to rest and rejuvenate). Take some time this week to stay by, and make sure to tell them Kima Real Estate Group sent you!

  – Meagan Moulden
Director of Operations

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