Schools in Heritage

The Heritage Subdivision in Wake Forest is like a community all on its own! Residents enjoy living within walking distance to many nearby restaurants, shops, parks & trails, golf, tennis and so much more! Heritage is even home to an elementary, middle and high school all part of the Wake County Public School System! Do you remember the days of being able to walk home from school?! Here, it can be a reality!

Heritage Elementary School is located at 3500 Rogers Rd in Wake Forest. The school operates on a year-round 4 track system with 3 tracks in session and one ‘tracked out’ at any given time. The school hours for students are 8:10am – 2:50pm. This school offers a broad curriculum including music, art, physical education, science, technology and media. As well, they offer special education to children who need it and they have an ESL teacher on staff. They also have a great PTA for parents who are interested in joining!

Heritage Middle School is located at 3400 Rogers Rd. in Wake Forest and has a vision that is focused on the education, empowerment and enrichment of the students who attend. They offer a variety of sports programs (soccer, volleyball, basketball, softball, track, baseball, cheer leading & more), clubs & activities (chorus, chess, band, science, future business leaders to name a few), as well as great academic programs!

Heritage High School is located at 1150 Forestville Rd. in Wake Forest and is one of the newest High Schools in the Wake County Public School system. This school prides itself in offering strong Honor’s and Advanced Placement Programs as well as constantly working to achieve a strong sense of school culture. Students will study Math, Social Studies, English & Science of course, but will also have the opportunity to study the fine arts, world languages and much more! As well, the have a huge selection of athletic programs and a very large selection of clubs to offer a well rounded high school experience!

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