PetCo – Michaels – TJ Maxx – Kirklands – Shopping In Wake Forest

Oh My!  New Shopping Coming to Wake Forest.

Yes, the rumors have been out there for some time and just a few weeks ago it was announced that TJ Maxx, PetCo, Michaels, and Kirkland were joining the already impressive lineup at Wake Forest Crossing.  Featuring a very popular Lowe’s Foods, CiCi’s Pizza, and Kohls … the plaza is host to a variety of other businesses as well.  Developed by Hunter & Associates, the plaza serves those living along the Capital Boulevard stretch on the north side of Wake Forest.

Wake Forest Crossing - Michaels, TJ Maxx, Kirklands, PetCo

Wake Forest Crossing – Michaels, TJ Maxx, Kirklands, PetCo

We live in a world of social media.  So much of it can be negative and untrue.  When this was announced Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc blew up with people making all sorts of comments.  Many in favor and very excited.  Others lamenting the loss of trees, or the additional pressure this will put on local small businesses.  They often quote the quaintness of downtown Wake Forest.

There have been rumors about several plazas in Wake Forest.  Some true and factual…some, well not so much.  The long time residents of Wake Forest have seen so much change that these rumors rarely faze them any longer.  Many have been here longer than I have, but recall moving here the month before Target opened.  Most of the businesses on Retail Drive were not even thought of yet.  As a matter of fact there was no overpass…heck there wasn’t even a hill there for one.  That was man made.  At that time, it was a four way intersection and there was no By-Pass.  The old hardware store was still there where the WallGreens now stands.  The Wakefield 9th Grade Center was still a Winn-Dixie (a What??) and the nearest Harris Teeter was on Falls of Neuse Rd and Durant Road.  There was no WalMart (That was all woods) and there was a tiny little Ford dealership where Nissan is now.  It changed names back then too!  From that dealership until you reached the Wake Forest Crossing shopping center it was all woods with the exception of the entrance to apartments and old 98.  The choices of places to eat were extremely limited.  But those that were here then are mostly still here now….giving our town that nostalgic feel.  My wife…Jennifer and I would meet at the old Over The Falls Deli for lunch every Monday when the original owners opened up shop.  We knew the wait staff and it felt good to support local residents.

I say all of this to say that Wake Forest changes regularly.  New shopping comes.  Old shopping goes.  Sometimes it’s for the best….sometimes it’s not.  While our population continues to increase the variety of needs for our Wake Forest residents increases with it.  I believe there will be a need for those of us with children to go to Michaels with some regularity to buy the crafts needed to make these incredibly overwhelming homework assignments…..building that 2nd grade castle about killed our family!  It sure gave us all a “tick” that remains 3 years later as we prepare for our first grader to take this on next year!  Many people commented on the need for TJ Maxx…admittedly I have no idea what or who TJ Maxx is.  Or what they/he/she sells.  But if everyone else is excited maybe I should be too!  PetCo…..well, we have a PetSmart already.  You tell me, is there a difference?  I have no idea.  When I was a kid in the 1980’s we bought our dog food at the grocery store or that cool new WalMart that came to the town next door!  As for Kirklands….well we sell a lot of homes in Wake Forest, Youngsville, Raleigh etc.  They need to be decorated.  My wife tells me that what they have at Kirklands.  Seems like that may come in handy.  Personally I would like to see someone open up a batting cage.  Maybe an indoor baseball facility as well.  While these may have failed in the past…I believe our population is now in need of this for our young baseball and softball players.  What would you like to see added to Wake Forest?


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