Operation Bridge Exchange

OBEThe Town of Wake Forest has recently announced four bridge replacement projects that have been scheduled by the Department of Transportation.  The projects are set to begin in January of 2015 and continue through August of 2016.  Those bridges are located along West Oak Avenue, Purnell Road, Forestville Road and Rogers Road.

In an effort to reduce the impact of these projects on those who live and travel through the affected areas, there is a link on the Town of Wake Forest website that will provide comprehensive information.  To view the project timeline, detours & maps, visit the OBE website.

The West Oak Street Bridge location is scheduled to begin in January.  Construction is expected to last 150 days.  According to the Town’s website, “The bridge has been deemed functionally obsolete. This means that while the bridge remains safe, it require repairs and was built to design standards no longer used for bridges. It also needs to be replaced to meet current and future traffic demands.”  Traffic will be directed to use Harris Road and North Main Street to bypass the bridge construction during the duration of this project.

The second location is on Purnell Road;  construction is expected to begin in July 2015 and go through November.  The bridge has also been deemed functionally obsolete.  Traffic will be directed to use Capital Boulevard, Jenkins Road and Thompson Mill Road to bypass the bridge construction during the duration of this project.

Bridge number 3 is located on Forestville Road.  Construction is expected to begin in April and go through August.  While this location has also been deemed functionally obsolete, the Town’s website states “Once completed, the project is expected to improve capacity and safety and relieve the bottlenecks that occur in the area during morning and afternoon rush hours.”  That sounds good to me!  The website also states, ” According to the revised schedule, NCDOT will replace the existing bridge on Forestville Road in April 2015 with a two-lane bridge that includes a sidewalk on the Heritage High School or western side of the structure, as well as a pedestrian underpass to accommodate users wishing to access the Smith Creek and Sanford Creek Greenways.”  Traffic will be directed to use Rogers Road, South Main Street and Burlington Mills Road to bypass the bridge construction during the duration of this project.


The 4th location is on Rogers Road and is expected to begin in March 2016.  The project is estimated to be complete in August.  The two lane bridge will be replaced by a 5 lane bridge and widen from two to five lanes the portion of Rogers Road from Hope Lutheran Church to Forestville Road.  Traffic will be directed to use Heritage Lake Road, Dr. Calvin Jones Highway/NC 98 Bypass and South Main Street to bypass the bridge construction during the duration of this project.

There is no doubt that big changes are happening in this town every day.  With growth, growing pains are to be expected;  let’s all try to be patient and keep the safety of our families & neighbors in mind while navigating through these projects.

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