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red dogAre you thinking of trying Crossfit?! If you’re anything like me, you might be feeling a little intimidated by the thought. When I first walked through the doors of a Crossfit gym a few years ago that scary feeling was quickly replaced by pure exhaustion and then more importantly, the feeling of incredible support from a group of awesome people!

Getting in shape, loosing weight and getting stronger were my primary goals when I began, but other milestones I wasn’t expecting have become even more important to me as I’ve stuck with it and am making progress: I sleep better, I’m proud of myself, I’m more focused on the amazing things my body is capable of rather than just a number on a scale or the image in the mirror, and I’m happier! Crossfit will do amazing things for your body, your health and your mental fortitude…and Red Dog Crossfit is the best gym around to help you make these discoveries! I’ve been a member now for about 6 months and it’s by far my favorite gym…the facility, the coaching (Tony and Tanya, you guys are AWESOME!) and the supportive members I get to work out with make it a really special place! Give it a try, first trial class is free…you have nothing to lose!

Not in shape? Overweight? DON’T WORRY! According to Red Dog “Everyone in our gym is an athlete. You do not have to play a sport to hold this title. If you have ever run out to your car in the rain, carried something heavy for any distance, or spent your days chasing kids, you are our definition of an athlete. You do not need to be in great shape to be part of our program. In fact, if you are a beginner, you are the person who will see the most significant results in the shortest amount of time. Our greatest success stories come from the athletes who were the least fit when they started. It is your effort that is applauded the loudest, not your final score [This is SO true]. With commitment and a little hard work anyone can make a big change. If this sounds like you, we would LOVE to meet you”.

I recently asked Coach Tony Bevilacqua a few questions about coaching and living in Wake Forest

What brought you to Wake Forest? We moved to Wake Forest from Wisconsin in 2012. My wife and I had always talked about moving somewhere warmer. The winters are brutal in Wisconsin. When we found out my wife could do her job remotely, we moved almost immediately ;-). We are so glad we moved to Wake Forest. We absolutely love it here!

What services do you offer at Red Dog? At Red Dog CrossFit, we offer a fitness program that is both broad and general. Our program significantly improves your body’s ability to perform work, regardless of what the work may entail. We do not hold any component of fitness higher than another. We specialize in improving every component. (ie. cardio, speed, strength, flexibility, power, coordination, stamina, coordination, accuracy, balance).

We work with all ability levels, from the elite athlete to the person who has not worked out in 20 years. The value of this type of fitness is huge for anyone looking to become physically better. The best part of this style of training is, by far, the results!!!

How long have you been coaching? I have been coaching Fitness since 1999. It is a HUGE passion of mine that I love to share with anyone willing to learn. I have such a great job!!! I make people better EVERY DAY!!

What do you love most about coaching? Being a part of someone else’s success. Showing people that they are capable of doing amazing things.

What are your favorite things about doing business and living in Wake Forest? Wake forest has been so good for our family. Most of all, we love the people. We have met so many fantastic people and have developed some valuable friendships in the time we have been here. We really love it here! The same thing has carried over into our business. The people are what make our business special. We have a gym full of amazing members. We are very grateful to the community of Wake Forest!

About Peter Kima

When it comes to providing the utmost in personal service to his clients, Peter Kima is on the cutting edge. This family man's demanding work ethic was passed on from his parents. His mother, a first generation German-American forged a new life in a strange country. His father, who has not missed a day of work since 1972 led by example. Peter does not rest until he's done everything in his power to help you achieve your goals. As a husband and a father, his understanding the importance of a family's home is reflected in his every move. When Peter is not helping one of his clients he can be found volunteering his time running a charity Lobster Bingo event, cooking burgers at the Wake Forest Fire Station to benefit the children in the community, delivering dictionaries to every 3rd grade student in Wake county with the Wake Forest Kiwanis Club, collecting school supplies for the needy or ringing the bell for the Salvation Army. His favorite pastime however is spending time with his wife Jennifer and their two sons, Cole (7) and Camden (4 going on 44!). Peter has resided in Germany, California, Georgia, Indiana, Massachusetts, North Carolina, Oregon and Vermont. Having lived in North Carolina for over 10 years, Peter refers to North Carolina as home. Don't underestimate the value of Peter's moving experience. He and his team understand the rigors involved in making a family move. Rely on that experience to help you. When the time comes for your next move in and around Wake Forest, NC don't settle for ordinary! Count on Peter and his entire team to help you achieve...The Good Life.

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