Lime Bikes In Wake Forest … What?

A new form of transportation is about to hit Wake Forest residents downtown!  Lime Bikes!

Starting in June LimeBike will appear in Wake Forest.  How cool is that?  A great little project approved by the town that welcomes this modern version of a bike share.  What is it you ask?  Well – there will be LimeBikes in several locations throughout downtown Wake Forest.  Patrons will download the LimeBike app, they choose a bike and the app will unlock it from the docking station.  Once unlocked the user may ride and ride.  Once finished, return it any of the docking stations and relock the back lock.  It is that simple.


You see, our incredibly forward thinking town commissioners approved a 2 year agreement that will allow these dockless bikes to be shared.  There will be approximately 200 LimeBikes available within the Wake Forest town limits.  And when I say LIME I mean lime.  They are bright and very recognizable.  The intention is put them in high traffic areas and greenways around town.

Once the app is on the phone the customer will use a QR code on their smartphone, scan  the license plate and voila….it is unlocked.  Every bike will come GPS and 3g technology enabled.   When done riding….rescan the license plate and lock it up!  Simple.

What does “dock free” mean?  Wake Forest homeowners and visitors alike can pick up a bike at any of the stations and return it to any of the other stations.  In other words, they do not have to return the LimeBike to the same location at which it was picked up.  The cost to rent a LimeBike?  Minimal.  A 30 minute LimeBike ride will run $1.  However…..always thinking they are….LimeBike offers college students these bikes for a rate of 50 cents per half hour.

First question I had was … will this cost us as taxpayers any more money?  The answer…no.  LimeBike is repsonsible to service and manage and monitor all of the bikes in town.  Expect to see them here in town.



So, when will this program be available?  Coming soon is National Trails Day.  That is Saturday, June 2, 2018.  They will start the program that day at Joyner Park.  And if you have not yet been to Joyner Park…I suggest you get there soon.  What a peaceful place to go for a long walk, (or a LimeBike ride), or throw down a blanket and play with the little ones or your pet!

LimeBike Nationally

For those vandals out there….they even thought of you.  How?  Well each bike comes with an alarm.  It will sound when someone attempts to move the bike without having proper access….why do I see my wife sounding off the first alarm??  LOL  In addition each bike has a GPS so that LimeBike knows where the inventory of bikes are at all times.  Thinking about stealing a part?  A tire? etc…. Nope.  All parts are designed so that they will not fit another bike!  LOL  So good.

The reasons to buy a Wake Forest home continue to grow daily.  Quite frankly with all that is happening downtown in Wake Forest and with the addition of more infrastructure the Wake Forest Real Estate Market continues to heat up.  Wake Forest Realtor Chad Wingler added, “Wake Forest real estate continues to sell at an incredible rate.  The downtown area continues to give Wake Forest home buyers what they want…a destination”.  We could not agree more Chad.  Fact is homes for sale in Wake Forest NC are selling quickly in large part due to the increased value the town continues to provide.

Care to learn more about LimeBike?  Want to know more about the Wake Forest homes for sale?  Are you interested to learn what your home value is?  Want to know what current interest rates are and they impact your purchasing power?  Or do you just want to browse the homes for sale in Wake Forest and throughout the Triangle?  No matter your reason…please reach out to our team.  We are thrilled to help you.  We serve the real estate needs of our community.


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