Honey, the car needs an oil change in Wake Forest!

$120 Oil Change?  Not in Wake Forest at Super Deal!

Have you ever paid $120 for an oil change?  I have.
Years ago while living in Indiana, my husband, Peter Kima was too busy to take the car in for a much needed oil change.  Reluctantly he considered sending me in for the task.  It was one of those places that change your oil in 30 minutes.  I sat in the nice, bright waiting room reading a magazine.  The ‘car guy’/salesman/silver tongued con man,  came out to tell me the long list of things that really needed to be replaced while I was there.  Didn’t I know what a dirty air filter could mean for my long term health?  The brake fluid surely needed to be flushed or else I’d be needing new brakes soon.  I’m not sure but a new $20 pine scented air freshener might have been on the list too. 
He could smell fear and had gone in for the kill.
All I know is that I wound up writing a check for $120 on my way out the door.
Peter Kima was not too pleased when he came home that night to hear my story. 

Fast forward to today…….. 
I drive an old car.  It’s a ’96 Honda Accord.  I love it.  I would hug it daily if I thought the neighbors weren’t watching.  It was paid for years ago and runs like a champ.  I’m never afraid that my boys and I will be stuck on the side of the road praying we had picked a more reliable car.
And I will be the first to admit, I have not been kind or gentle to this vehicle.  (Peter will surely remember episodes of me driving over concrete blocks, sideswiping parked cars, driving with the e-brake on……I could go on, but why incriminate myself further)

Anyway back to today….
After years of being afraid to walk into any type of auto repair shop, I’ve finally found my ‘car fixin’ Nirvana spot…..SuperDeal Tire near downtown Wake Forest.
Darren and Jay run the place. 
They’re awesome. 
They have a great sense of humor which is key when dealing with customers like myself.  They don’t lie to me. 
They don’t try to sell me things I don’t need. 
They tell me what’s wrong and what it will take to fix it. 
If I don’t need new tires, they don’t try to sell them to me. 
They don’t laugh in front of my face when I bring in the car with just a few drops of oil left in the tank because the oil change sticker fell off and I forgot to have it done.  (See reference above)
In short, I bring my car in to Super Deal Tires; they fix it and charge me a fair price.  Isn’t that all anyone truly wants from their auto reapair shop?

Super Deal Tire in Wake Forest, NC

Super Deal Tire in Wake Forest, NC

in Wake Forest

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