Greenways of Heritage at Wake Forest

heritage greenwayIn keeping with the theme of an excellent quality of life and an appreciation of nature, there are about 6.5 miles of greenways throughout the community of Heritage in Wake Forest, NC! How wonderful to step out your front door and find miles of peaceful trails for walking, running or biking! There are six different trails winding through the community ranging from less than half a mile (loops around a fish pond) up to 2.2 miles. The longer trail will take you right by the swim club, play areas, the rock garden and the fishing pond! If a longer trail is what you’re looking for, the paths in Heritage link up to even more trails and greenways throughout Wake Forest…nearly 60 miles of developed and undeveloped trails in total!

These trails offer Wake Forest residents so many benefits:

  • Links residents to nearby neighborhoods & other destinations
  • Offers safe pedestrian/biking transportation
  • Enhances cultural & community awareness
  • Provides convenient way to exercise & improve health
  • Creates a sense of environmental awareness
  • Improves water quality because the trails buffer the streams they follow
  • Preserves wildlife & trees
  • Reduces flooding
  • Reduces traffic congestion

Happy Trails!






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