Got ER?

Where do Wake Forest parents go when they need an Emergency Room for their little ones?  WakeMed North, of course! 

This past Saturday evening, I had one of those moments every parent dreads—my two-year-daughter, Sophie, woke up from nap with a 104.8 fever.  Twenty minutes, some medicine, and a cold bath later, her temperature went UP to 105.2.  So I did what every mommy in Wake Forest would do—I called the pediatrician (Raleigh Pediatric Associates) and was told to take her straight to the Emergency Room

WakeMed North ERIn Wake Forest, there are several great Urgent Care facilities (Wake Forest Urgent Care, FastMed Walk-In Urgent Care, Rex Urgent Care of Wakefield), but no Emergency Rooms.  We have three ER options in Raleigh: WakeMed Hospital (locally known as “Big Wake”) near downtown Raleigh, Rex Hospital near the NC State Fairgrounds, and WakeMed North(“Little Wake”) in North RaleighWakeMed North is the closest, smallest, and newest…and also my favorite.  So when I was told to take Sophie to the ER, it was a no brainer.  My husband and I asked my mother & father to watch our other two children, packed some toys, water, and extra clothes, and took off for WakeMed North

WakeMed North Peds RoomWe had barely (I mean B-A-R-E-L-Y!!) checked in when they were ready to take Sophie to a room.  “Wonder Pets” was already on the in-room TV, and they not only had a child-sized, puppy and balloon decorated hospital gown for Sophie, but within a minute they also had one for the bunny clutched tightly in her arms.  They did everything possible to help her feel comfortable with them and her surroundings.  When we had to take her to another room for an x-ray, I fully expected a boring, white-walled room with scary-looking equipment.  Instead, we were taken into a beach resort—the walls were painted to look like a Caribbean get-away, complete with islands in the distance, dolphins, sandcastles, and sailboats.  It was a great distraction from the scary-looking equipment (it is still an x-ray room, after all!).  The technician was as fast as she could possibly have been, and she let Sophie pick out a sticker as soon as it was over.  After the doctor reached a diagnosis (pneumonia), the nurse brought Sophie her medicine…and a juice box chaser.  Every Wake Forest Mom knows the joy a juice box can bring a two-year-old!  With smiles and waves from nearly all the staff, we made our way out of the ER, roughly an hour after we checked in.  Pretty good for a Raleigh Emergency Room!

With three kids, I know I’ll have my fill of ER trips over the years, and I am so glad Wake Forest has WakeMed North to run to.  Trust me—you will too!

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