Finding Balance


Photo courtesy of Wake Forest Yoga

Life is a juggling act sometimes…between work, family and friends our lives are busy! ‘Finding balance’ is a figurative term we often use when trying to ensure that no important aspect of our life is neglected, but ‘finding balance’ can also take on a very literal meaning for the folks at Wake Forest Yoga near Downtown Wake Forest, NC! These guys have one of the area’s only yoga walls…perfect for increasing “core strength, stamina, alignment and flexibility. It will  lengthen your spine and open your joints using gravity and traction”.

It’s no wonder that such cutting edge yoga practices can be found in the Town of Wake Forest…with big growth comes big change! Did you know that in 1990 the population of Wake Forest was just over 6,000 people? And can you believe that by July 2011 the population climbed to over 31,000?! (Stats according to the U.S. Census Bureau). Approximately 25,000 people finally caught on to something…Wake Forest, NC is a great place to call home!




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