Wake Forest’s Annual Easter Egg Hunt was fun…and FAST!

Heard at Joyner Park recently…”Ready? Set? Go find those Easter Eggs!” 

It couldn’t have been a more perfect day for the Town of Wake Forest Easter Egg Hunt!  Saturday’s sunny skies, temperatures in the upper 70s, and light breeze enticed what appeared to be hundreds of Wake Forest families to E. Carroll Joyner Park for the annual event.  The Easter Egg Hunt was divided into three sessions: the first for children ages 9-12, the second for children ages 5-8, and the third for children ages 4 and younger. 


Easter Egg Hunters

My husband and I realized as we turned off Wall Street onto Harris Road approaching Joyner Park that as the parents of children who all fell into the youngest session, we had the unexpected benefit of knowing exactly where to go.  Though there were families exploring the park’s restored farm buildings, walking their dogs, flying kites, and riding bikes, our little perk was the courtesy of the obvious concentration of Wake Forest families gathered for the third and final Easter Egg Hunt.  The crowd of excited parents and children grew larger and larger until it completely encircled the field where a full TWO THOUSAND Easter eggs and a vast amount of candy sat beckoning on the new Spring grass.  Occasionally a child would give in to temptation and dart out into the field before a parent could catch him, but most of the children were patient as they eyed the brightly colored treats mere feet away from them.


After the HuntAfter explaining the rules to the parents, the shout was sounded!  There was a fast, chaotic, blur of children, baskets, and parents rushing onto the egg and candy covered field.  Hands and feet moved quickly, darting about, grabbing at anything that might be an egg or candy.  My children each got about 2 eggs and 4 pieces of candy before we realized that it was over—the seemingly vast amount of treats was completely whisked away.  The frenzy of a moment earlier was very suddenly replaced by a satisfied, slow return to the edges of the field where other siblings and parents watched and waited.  Parents took pictures of their children discovering their new treasures, unwrapping candy, retelling the story of the hunt to those who had stayed on the sidelines. 

The crowd steadily moved back up the hill toward the farm buildings and parking area in a much more relaxed manner than the excitement of the hunt allowed the earlier descent to the field.  Now it was time for us to enjoy the other offerings of beautiful Joyner Park before joining the long line of Wake Forest parents driving home.  We’ll save the story of Joyner Park for another day (be on the lookout!).  For now, my husband and I are enjoying the quiet that falls upon Wake Forest homes after the children’s Easter egg candy and excitement of the hunt has given way to sweet dreams.  THIS is The Good Life!!

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