Construction At Wake Forest Seminary Underway!

SeminaryA big construction project at the Wake Forest Seminary has been approved and construction has recently begun! Just last week, Focus Design Builders of Wake Forest broke ground on what will become a new banquet hall and primarily, an education center. According to Paul Eitel, one of the founders of Focus Design, the building will be nearly 20,000 square feet and will be complete in April or May of 2015. The building is a co-op project between the Seminary and the Church and will provide a great space for both of them! Of major contention was the removal of a large oak tree on site to make way for this project…the good news is that great efforts are underway to preserve or re-use wood from the tree in creative ways to honor its history. As well, other trees were saved by strategic planning by the architects. This will surely be a great addition to campus!



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