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Wake Forest – By the Numbers

The Numbers Behind the Growth. Want to know more about Wake Forest? Want to know the facts about how fast it has grown? Want to know why others are flocking here? Want to know what the projected population will be in Wake Forest in a short 25 years? Well….do ya? The numbers are more staggering […]

Halloween Tips & Tricks!

Halloween is here! The fun and excitement of all the children (young and not so young) going door to door for candy and going to all the exciting outside activities it is important to ensure that everyone is safe!! The Town of Wake Forest encourages families to enjoy this time and go door-to-door in costumes […]

Wake Forest Event for August 2017

Summer of 2017 shows no signs of slowing down and Wake Forest has tons of fun and meaningful events planned for the whole family to enjoy the month of August. From ‘First Friday Flix‘ to ‘Friday Night on White‘ there is tons of fun to be had in the community that we know and love. Check out some […]