bu•ku is Expanding to Wake Forest

bu•ku has some exciting news, and if you like their mouth-watering food, you’ll be eagerly excited as well! They are expanding to Wake Forest!! After being in business for 6 years, the owner of bu•ku had mentioned it’s time to expand. A long-term patron, Robert Shaar, who’s building a project in Wake Forest, mentioned that he had a great location for their possible expansion. “It’s a new building, it’s right next to Heritage, and it’s just all the new growth that’s happening up there. That’s the reason we’re going to Wake Forest.” Sean Degnan, co-owner of bu•ku says.

Screen Shot 2016-04-20 at 10.15.35 AMTheir current location is at the corner of Wilmington and Davie Street in downtown Raleigh. They’re a local restaurant telling a global story. As their website states, they have foods inspired by the types of foods “found in pushcarts and hawker stalls.” bu•ku serves a scrumptious array of street foods from around the world. Their Global Street Food menu is an exciting new type of dining, highlighted with mix & match tasting and plate-sharing that sparks conversation.


The new location will be across the street from the new Publix retail center, and construction is already well underway at the building on Rogers Road. The new bu•ku restaurant will be next to where the soon-to-be relocated Wake Forest Wine & Beer 101 will be.

We are a locally owned and operated restaurant that opened to fill a growing niche in the Triangle; a place where people with different nationalities can come to eat something familiar, while at the same time, locals can try something they’ve never had before. Our casual fine-dining atmosphere and large private banquet room make us well-suited for romancing a significant other, meeting up with friends, or holding a special event.  Our menu represents our commitment to serve a high quality product as we source our produce locally whenever possible.  We also aim to serve as many types of diners as possible as our Gluten Free and Vegetarian selections continue to grow. (from http://www.bukuraleigh.com/about-us/)

The goal for opening is set for Fall 2016. The new location will have about 170 seats inside in addition another 80 seats on its large patio.

The name “bu•ku” comes from an international slang twist on the phrase, “Merci, beaucoup,”  meaning, “Thank you, very much.”

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