Best Places for Family Photos in Wake Forest

It’s that time of year where we all scramble to get photos taken for the annual Christmas or New Years card. While the hardest part is working to coordinate outfits for your 3 kids who refuse to dress in anything remotely similar to what a sibling is wearing, it can also be a difficult choice to decide where to take photos.

If you want to get out of the house and do outdoor photos this year i’m here to help! Here are a few ideas around the Wake Forest area where you can consider family photos:

1. E. Carrol Joyner Park 
This park is probably the most photographed location in Wake Forest. Our family has taken many photos here! “Joyner Park” has sprawling greenways with some cute little bridges that make great photo “props” as well as sprawling green grass, beautiful stacked stone walls, and huge pecan trees – great for climbing! The best part? The amazing old farm buildings across the property. They provide the perfect rustic setting that looks amazing against fall colors. Note: PLEASE do not write on the barns with chalk or paint. It’s very hard to remove and interferes with other’s photo sessions.

2. Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary
“The Seminary” provides beautiful backdrops for all sorts of photos! My favorite spot for campus photos is the rotunda. We stopped here for photos after my best friend’s wedding and it really provides a stunning backdrop. The beautiful brick buildings, arches, and staircases are all great options as well. Definitely worth taking a stroll around to check out photo ops!

3. Downtown Wake Forest 
When I say Downtown Wake Forest, I mean anywhere in the heart of our beautiful downtown city. While there are some amazing shops that would likely let you take photos inside them, I find the “strip” to be beautiful in its own right. Walking down the streets past the brick buildings dotted with bright chalk board sale signs, waving American flags, and bustling residents you just feel at home. What better place to take gorgeous photos than among the sites and sounds of our town?

While there are so many amazing places to take photos in and around Wake Forest, these are a few of my personal favorites. I’d love to know where you like to take your photos so that we can share that with readers, and maybe i’ll find a new favorite spot for my own family! Say cheese!

Meagan Moulden
Director of Operations


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