5 Ways to Make Moving Easier on Yourself

moving into a new home without stress

Waiting for life to slow down so you can make that move into your forever home? Or are you ready to down-size but are filled with anxiety over moving and what to do with your stuff? With a shortage of homes for sale in the Triangle and a surplus of buyers, there is no better time than now to list your home. Yes, moving is stressful….in the short term. When you take an inventory of the benefits of your move, you will realize it is just a temporary discomfort.

Even if you are moving from a starter home to a mansion, we can all agree that moving is stressful. It may be a happy occasion, but it is still a disruption of your routine. And any disruption of your routine causes stress. Moving disrupts the entire family. Packing up all of your belongings and then unpacking them is just a hassle. Very few of us are fortunate enough to be able to hire a full-service moving company so it tends to be stressful.  The big reason is because moving is a disruption of your normal routine.

It takes a while to get settled into your new home, so experts recommend you try to maintain as much of your normal routine as possible. Keep these 5 steps in mind:

1 – Prepare a Packing Kit before you Start Packing

Packing all of your items up is a challenge. Sure you need boxes, but have you thought about all the other packing materials you will need. You will need markers to label the boxes, tape to secure them, bubble wrap and packing paper to protect your items from breaking. Have these items in the house before you start packing.

2 – De-Clutter as you Pack

Any items that you donate, sell or throw away are ones you do not have to pack, move and then unpack. Take serious inventory of what you really need in your new home and things you have actually used in the past year. You know which of your items really matter and what you should get rid of. De-cluttering will bring you a sense of self-satisfaction during this stressful time.

3 – Reduce Distractions

Unless your children are older and can be productive in the packing process, find somewhere or someone to look after them while you pack. Don’t try to work from home and pack at the same time either! Set aside specific times of the day to focus on packing. The same goes for pets!

4 – Label Everything

Be sure to label everything and add some detail. By labeling your boxes, the right boxes will end up in the right rooms. It will also help with the order in which you unpack boxes. You won’t be in a rush to unpack winter items during a summer move or vice versa. Also, in the event you need to find something that you have already packed… you will be able to find it.

5 – Hire Some Help

Whether you can hire someone to just help you pack or hire a company to do it all, there is no shame in hiring some help. You might want to consider hiring someone to clean your home once your home is empty. Even asking some friends to help load your rented moving truck is a good move Keep in mind, moving requires a lot of your time. Don’t be afraid to ask or pay a professional to help with. You can always thank your friends with a gift certificate to their favorite restaurant.

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