Archives: February 2011

Everyone was a winner!

We all win when kids smile!  Well, all of my worrying and concern about the pinewood derby car for Cole was almost all for not.  Late the night before the big race I was attempting to “wittle” out a spot for some lead weights when the entire back left side just fell off the car…including the axle.  After sitting […]

Wake Forest Pinewood Derby Day!

Well, the big day has finally arrived…Wake Forest residents prepare for the Pinewood Derby! Certainly we’ll update the blog here at WakeForestHomes.comand tell you how Cole and his den competed at tonight’s Pinewood Derby.  As for how the Kima family competed against the short time frame, no tools and the subtleties of a block of pine, […]

Hey Wake Forest, grab your bat and glove!

Crack! Strike one! Youuuuur OUT! Home Run! Just some the words you will hear from the baseball fields throughout the Wake Forest area.  For the month of February the Wake Forest Department of Parks and Recreation is accepting registration for their wonderful baseball leagues. Youth Baseball, softball and T-Ball for boys between the ages of […]

Chalk Road in Wake Forest is now Open!

Chalk Road in Wake Forest is now open to through traffic!! The road has been closed since October – 2010.  Wake Forest residents on the east side of town and those that attend the Chalk Road campus of Franklin Academy will be thrilled!  This truly helps out the local stores too.  The new Lowes Foods, Ace […]

Yes, Wake Forest Homes are selling!

  While reviewing the monthly numbers this week on homes for sale in Wake Forest NC it dawned on me that this is the type of information that the public may want access to as well.  We will continue to make short but informative posts about the “numbers” going forward.   For example…currently there are 676 homes […]

French Press Coffee…

OK, so a few years ago I bought a really nice french press. At the time I was drinking coffee with cream & sugar in it daily. No….all day, daily. You see, part my family is from Germany. When I grew up in my earliest years in Neunkirchen Germany I remember having coffee brewing all […]